Table tree

The table tree is an XML file containing the input specification for uploading tables to 1010data Insights Platform.

The overall format of a table tree is as follows:

<table name="table name">
  <title>table title</title>
  <sdesc>short description</sdesc>
  <ldesc>long description</ldesc>
  <link>link header</link>
  <maxdown>download limit</maxdown>
    <th name="name of first column"
    type="data type of first column"
    format="data format of first column">
    heading of first column
    <th name="name of second column"
    type="data type of second column"
    format="data format of second column">
    heading of second column


    <th name="name of last column"
    type="data type of last column"
    format="data format of last column">
    heading of last column

For example, consider the following table:

This table can be represented by the following table tree:

  <title>Table Tree Example</title>
  <sdesc>Example of a table tree</sdesc>
    <th name="transid" type="i">Transaction ID</th>
    <th name="store" type="i">Store</th>
    <th name="sumsales" type="f" format="type:currency">Sum of&#10;Sales</th>
    <th name="totunits" type="f" format="type:num;width:4;dec:0">Total Units</th>

For more detailed information about table tree tags, refer to Table Tree in the XML API Reference Manual.

Note that TenUp does not support the following tags and attributes:
  • The <data> tag within <table>
  • The <totals> tag within <table>
  • The total attribute within <th>