Enables debug logging for the 1010data Excel Add-in with the option to add 1010data XML logging.


Public Function DebugLog1010(FileNameInput As String, _
                             Overwrite As Boolean, _
                             EnableXML As Boolean, _
                             Optional Quiet As Boolean = False) As Long


 FileNameInputAn absolute path of the form dir\, where .foo is a file name extension (e.g., .xlsb or .txt).
  • If contains either _1010log or _1010xml, the file name is left alone. Otherwise, the .foo extension is removed and replaced with _1010log.txt.
  • If XML logging is enabled, a text file is created with the name dir\filename_1010xml.txt. If a file with _1010xml.txt is entered, but EnableXML is false, a new file with the name dir\filename_1010log.txt will be created.
 OverwriteIf True, existing log files with the same name as dir\filename_1010xml.txt or dir\filename_1010log.txt will be overwritten. Otherwise, they will be appended.
 EnableXML If True, an XML log will be created.
 Quiet(optional) If True, will not prompt user or display interactive error messages.

Return value