Instantiates a 1010data API session.


Public Function Login1010(UserID As String, LoginPW As String, _
                          Optional NoKill As Boolean, Optional Possess As Boolean, Optional ByRef ErrorMsg As String, _
                          Optional ByVal ImportGUI As Boolean = False, Optional ByVal url As String = "", _
                          Optional ByVal sessid As Double, Optional ByVal Environment As String = "", _
                          Optional ByVal Version As String = "", Optional ByVal ProxyPassword As String = "", _
                          Optional ByVal auth As String = "" _


 UserId1010data user ID
 LoginPW1010data password
 No Kill(optional) If True, will not terminate existing session for this user ID (by default, existing session will be terminated upon new login).
 Possess(optional) If True, will enter an existing 1010data session. If no session exists, a new one is created.
 ImportGUI(optional) If True, the url and sessid inputs specify the URL and session to import from the GUI. The default value is FALSE.
 url(optional) When ImportGUI=TRUE, specifies the URL to import a session from the GUI.
 sessid(optional) When ImportGUI=TRUE, specifies the session to import from the GUI.
 Environment(optional) A string containing the environment to override the Environment in the Options dialog.
 Version(optional) A string containing the version to override the Version in the Options dialog.
 ProxyPassword(optional) A string containing the proxy password when Proxy is enabled in the Options dialog.
 auth(optional) A custom tag that specifies the style of external authentication for your organization. Contact your administrator for more information.

Return value

 -1fatal error