Activate the 1010data Excel Add-in

In addition to installing the 1010data Excel Add-in, you may also need to manually activate it in Excel.

This topic is for users who have the 1010data Excel Add-in installed but not activated. See Install the 1010data Excel Add-in if you do not yet have the 1010data Excel Add-in installed.

To determine whether the 1010data Excel Add-in is activated, click the Add-in tab in the ribbon. If the 1010data Excel Add-in is activated, you will see a menu titled 1010data. (If there is no Add-in tab at all, you have no Add-ins activated.)

To activate the 1010data Excel Add-in:
  1. In Excel, click the File tab in the ribbon. Then click Options on the lower left side of the screen.
    The Excel Options dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Add-ins menu.
    You will see a list of active and inactive add-ins. 1010data Excel Add-in is listed under Inactive Application Add-ins.
  3. From the Manage drop-down list box, select Excel Add-ins and click Go....
  4. From the Add-Ins dialog box, select 1010data Excel Add-in from the list of available add-ins.
    If you have a previous version of the 1010data Excel Add-in installed:
    1. Clear the 1010data Excel Add-in check box.
    2. Browse... to the directory containing 1010data.xlam (which is typically located under AddIns\1010data Inc\Excel Add-in).
    3. Double-click the 1010data.xlam file.
    4. Click Yes when asked if you want to replace the file.
    5. Ensure 1010data Excel Add-in is selected from the list of available add-ins.
  5. Click OK.
Installation is complete. You should now see a menu titled 1010data under the Add-ins tab on the ribbon.