Change the default version

You can change the default version of the 1010data Insights Platform that you log into via the 1010data Excel Add-in.

The default version setting is in the Options menu.

  1. On the Excel ADD-INS tab, click 1010data > Options.
    Excel opens the 1010data Excel Addin Options window.

    For information on the 1010data Excel Addin Options window, see Options

  2. Click the Version field. Default is automatically selected.
  3. Enter the version number.
    Example version numbers:
    • beta-latest
    • prime-10.43
    • prime-latest
    • prod-9.64
  4. Click Save Settings.
    The new default version is saved and the 1010data Excel Addin Options closes.
    Note: If you enter a Beta version, e.g., beta-latest, the 1010data Excel Add-In displays a disclaimer.
    The image is of a dialog window. The text reads: DISCLAIMER: This version of the 1010data system is experimental software that has not been made available for general release and may contain errors, bugs, or other problems not usually associated with a production version. This version should not be used in a production environment or for critical analyses. An example is "prime-10.49." Making this change will affect all queries executed via the add-in until "Version" is changed back to a production version (or "Default"). Please click OK to commit change and continue.