General Guidelines

Advanced users who will be embedding queries into Excel files should keep certain criteria in mind with respect to those files.

An Excel file containing embedded queries should ideally:

  • Be saved as an .xlxt (Excel template) file and set as read-only (When the file is opened, the user will get a fresh copy of the file and will be prevented from overwriting the original file.)
  • Contain one or more output or report worksheets (tabs)
  • Contain one input or control worksheet, where the report user defines the values of the variables used by the queries
  • Contain one or more query sheets (or q-sheets), where the queries are defined in the 1010data macro language, referencing the values specified on the input sheet
  • Optionally contain a worksheet where raw data resulting from the queries will be pasted, to be referenced by formulas on the output sheets

For presentation, all worksheets except for the output sheets can be hidden.