Log in from the 1010data Excel Add-In

You must log in to the 1010data server from the 1010data Excel Add-in in order to run queries or upload data.

To log in to the 1010data server from the 1010data Excel Add-in:
  1. From the 1010data menu, click 1010data Login.
    The 1010data Login dialog appears.

  2. Enter your Environment where you log in to the 1010data Insights Platform.
    You can leave the default environment setting or enter a different environment.
  3. Enter your Version of the 1010data Insights Platform.
    You can leave the default version or enter a different version, such as beta-latest or prime-latest.

    To change the default version of the 1010data Insights Platform, see Change the default version.

  4. (Optional) If you are using single sign-on (SSO) to log in: in Authentication, enter the TAG for your organization's SSO.
  5. Enter your 1010data Username and Password. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? to be directed to a webpage where you can submit your user name and email address to receive an email containing a link to reset your password.
  6. If you are already logged in to another 1010data session, you may choose one of the three options from the If account is in use drop-down list box:
    • Enter existing session: You may enter an existing session that was started through the 1010data web interface or another client-facing application. Sometimes it is useful to be logged in to 1010data via the web interface and Excel at the same time. Once you successfully import your session into Excel, you’ll be able to run queries both in Excel and in your browser with the same account without the need to establish a separate login.

      If you choose Enter existing session and one does not already exist, a new one will be created.

    • End existing session: You may end the session currently running on 1010data and start a new one.

      If you choose End existing session and there is no existing session, a new one will be created regardless.

    • Do not log in: You may choose not to log in. There may be times when you neither want to enter nor end an existing session. For instance, you may have queries that run at specific times on the 1010data server that you do not want to interrupt. If the 1010data Excel Add-in finds that a 1010data session already exists, you will be notified of this via a dialog box, and no action will be taken.
  7. Press the Secure Login button. While the login is attempted, you should see the message Logging in to the 1010data server... in the bottom left corner of the Excel window.
When the login is successful, you will see a message in the bottom left corner of the Excel window indicating the user is logged into 1010data.
Note: Be careful logging in or out of the web interface while you are using the Add-in. If you do this, you will be logged out of the Excel Add-in. If this happens, you will need to log in from the Add-in again before you can interact with 1010data from Excel.