Query Progress

The Query Progress dialog box shows the percentage of processing completed for queries running in the current workbook.

While queries are running, a dialog box is displayed showing two progress bars:
  • The percentage of queries completed within the current workbook
  • The percentage of total operations within the current query

The operations that are included are:
  • Tabulations
  • Selections
  • Merges
  • Link and selects
  • Aggregations on the data

The Query Progress dialog box also shows the amount of available workspace as the query is being processed. When you log on to 1010data, you are assigned a finite amount of memory as a workspace within which you can open tables, run queries, and perform analysis on data. (The exact amount of memory you are allocated is dependent on a number of factors, including your company's terms with 1010data.)

If you click the Stop All Queries button while you are running queries, an attempt will be made to stop the query on the server. When complete, all Excel processing stops.

When all the queries have completed successfully, you will see the following dialog box: