Run Queries

Embedded 1010data queries can be run directly from Excel using the 1010data Excel Add-in.

To run a query in the active workbook:
  1. Specify any required inputs. A workbook containing 1010data queries will likely require input from the user to define the report criteria.
  2. Press CTRL+Q (or click 1010data > Run Queries > In Active Workbook). If you have not yet logged into 1010data from Excel, you will be prompted to log in. WARNING: If you have an existing 1010data session in a web browser, logging in from Excel may kill your existing session. (See Log in from the 1010data Excel Add-In.)
Query results will appear in the workbook as queries are executed. The results are directly downloaded from 1010data to Excel as compressed binary data. The workbook can be viewed and browsed while queries are being processed. The Query Progress dialog box (see Query Progress) will indicate the state of query execution.
Note: If you submit a request, whether via Excel or the browser, the system will be "busy" and appear unresponsive until prior requests have completed.

Run Queries in Multiple Workbooks

You can run queries in multiple open workbooks at the same time.

To run queries in all open workbooks:
  1. Open all workbooks containing queries that you would like to run.
  2. Click 1010data > Run Queries > In All Open Workbooks.