Uploading Sheets

Use an upload sheet (or u-sheet) to upload data to the 1010data server using the 1010data Excel Add-in.

A u-sheet can be used to upload a new table, replace an existing table, or append to a specified table on 1010data.

Table Title (required) The title displayed for the table, which is used to help describe the contents (e.g., "Sales Detail by Customer"). May contain any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and special characters.
Table Name (path) (required) The name of the table including the full path (e.g., acmeco.myfolder.mytable). The table name cannot contain any uppercase letters, spaces, or special characters.
Note: You cannot upload to the My Data folder. Also, the path you specify must be writable by you.
Short Description (optional) This short description appears next to the table title.
Permissions (optional) If blank, only the owner has permission to see the table. Otherwise, this can be a comma-separated list of user names or user groups who will have permission to see the table (e.g., list:username1,usergroup3...username6), or enter inherit so the table inherits the permissions of its parent folder.
Replace or Append? (optional) Can be blank, replace, or append
  • If blank, a new table on 1010data is created.
    Note: If a table with the same name (path) exists, the upload will fail.
  • If replace, the uploaded table will replace any table found with the same name (path).
  • If append, the contents of the upload will be appended to any table found with the same name (path).
Merge? (optional) Enter TRUE in this field if this table will need to be merged with other tables in the future. Otherwise, this field should be left blank
Column Names: (required) The proper name for each column (to be used in formulas). No capital letters, spaces, or symbols allowed.
Column Types: (required) Must be one of the following:
  • a - (alphanumeric) For any column containing non-numeric data (except dates, use i)
  • i - (integer) For numbers not containing decimals (also for dates)
  • f - (float) For floating point numbers (i.e., numbers containing decimals)
Column Formats: (optional) Tells 1010data how to display the data (data display type, decimal places, width). For more information on supported formats, see Data Types and Display Formats in the 1010data User's Guide.
Column Headings: (optional) The heading for each column to be displayed in table view. May contain spaces or special characters such as $, %, etc. If omitted, the column names will display instead.
Table Data: (optional) The actual data to be uploaded. The first blank row indicates the end of the table. Rows containing only blank values are not allowed in the middle of a table. WARNING: Data must not exceed 1,000,000 cells.