Debug Logging

The 1010data Debug Logging dialog box allows the user to enable debug and XML logging.

The user can specify the path to the debug log file, enable XML logging, and select whether to append or overwrite the existing log files.

Specify the folder and file name of the debug log file in the Enter log file name field (or click Browse to navigate to the desired folder).
Note: 1010data will append specialized extension(s) to the log file(s).

Select Enable XML logging? to generate an XML log file. This log will be a text file containing the XML interactions between the 1010data Excel Add-in and the 1010data server. The resultant XML log file will contain messages similar to the following:

Select Append existing log(s) to append to the debug (and XML) log files. If this check box is not selected, the log file(s) will be overwritten. In either case, if the log file(s) do not exist, they will be created.

Click Enable Logging to commence debug logging.