Submit a Support Request

You must send specific information to the 1010data support team when asking for assistance in resolving a problem with the 1010data Excel Add-in.

If you are submitting queries, uploading data, or executing queries from VBA macros using the 1010data Excel Add-in and are experiencing errors or unexpected behavior, 1010data offers full support through the 1010data Support Portal.

Note: You must enable debug logging and XML logging, and then run through your scenario. This will generate the log files that the 1010data support team needs in order to assist you in resolving the problem. See Enabling Debug Logging for more information.

To access the 1010data Support Portal, do one of the following:

  • Log in to the 1010data Support Portal directly at
  • From the workspace menu in the 1010data Insights Platform, click Help > Support > Launch Support Portal.
  1. Click Create New Ticket.
    The Submit a ticket screen appears:

  2. Complete the following fields:
    Requester This field lists the email address associated with your Insights Platform account. You can change the default email address.
    Subject Enter the subject of your support request.
    Priority (optional) Select the priority of your support request.
    Description Enter a detailed explanation of the question, problem, or request.
  3. Click +Attach a file and include your debug log file, XML log file, and the Excel workbook you were using when you experienced the problem.
  4. Click Submit.
The 1010data support team will contact you to help you resolve your problem.