Troubleshooting and support

You can try to troubleshoot issues with the 1010data Excel Add-In. If you cannot resolve the issue, file a support request.

You may be able to resolve some issues by troubleshooting.

Upgrade to the latest version
Some issues are caused by using a down-level version of the Excel Add-in. Try upgrading to the latest version. For more information, see Installing 1010data Excel Add-in Upgrades
Disable and re-enable all add-ins to fix ribbon display issue
If your 1010data Excel Add-in is correctly installed and not displaying in the Add-Ins tab ribbon, try disabling all of the Add-Ins in your ribbon, then re-enabling them. This should cause the 1010data Excel Add-in to display in the ribbon.
Enter a proxy URL if your organization requires one
If you receive the error message Transport error 7: Couldn't connect to server, it means that your web browser is configured to use your corporate proxy, but your Excel Add-in is not. Contact your company's IT staff to obtain your proxy's URL or IP address, what port it listens on, and if it requires a username and password. Enter your corporate proxy information in the 1010data Excel Add-in Options window, as outlined in the Options section of this guide.

If you cannot resolve the issues, you can submit a support request. For more information, see Submit a Support Request.