Calling a 1010data Stored Procedure from SQL

Once you have created a well-formed stored procedure in 1010data you can invoke it in your SQL code. There are two methods for doing this.

The first way to call a 1010data stored procedure in SQL is to use the CALL keyword, as follows:
CALL [STORED-PROC-FOO](arg1, arg2...argN);
In the example above, you provide your stored procedure with its parameters in a comma-separated list. This method is the ODBC standard method for calling a stored procedure. The next method is specific to 1010data's implementation of the ODBC standard. In this example, you can invoke the stored procedure with an SQL SELECT statement, as follows:
SELECT * FROM [STORED-PROC-FOO](arg1, arg2...argN);
In both cases you provide the parameters to the stored procedure in a comma-separated list. Both the above examples will produce identical results, so use which ever method you are most comfortable with.