The Logging tab contains settings that dictate how the system records actions and errors.

Table 1. 1010data ODBC driver: Logging tab
ODBC Driver Setting/Linux Keys Default value Short description Use case
Log to

Unchecked/Blank If the system should create log files and if so, the file path to the current log file.  

Unchecked Append new logs to the existing log file, as opposed to creating a new log file. You should check this box to keep the number of files in the log directory to a minimum.
Note: When you experience a problem, you should uncheck this box to generate a clean log file that will only contain information pertaining to the error.
Log-level drop-down menu

Basic Each option records a different level of log data. For all troubleshooting and support issues, this option should be set to: Debug+XML
Import Options Blank The file path to a settings file. If you have previously installed and configured the ODBC driver and saved your settings, you can import those settings from the saved file here.
Export Options Blank The file path where a configuration file is stored. If you have properly configured your ODBC driver, you can output the settings here so you can import them and reapply them in the future.