The SQL tab contains settings specific to how the ODBC driver translates SQL logic to the 1010data Insights Platform.

Table 1. 1010data ODBC driver: SQL tab
ODBC Driver Setting/Linux Keys Default Value Brief Description Use Case
Use three-value Boolean logic (slower)

Unchecked Evaluate boolean expressions using SQL conventions as opposed to 1010data Macro Language conventions. You should check this box if you want N/A values to never equal anything.
...only if columns are nullable

Unchecked Apply the above option only to columns that allow null values. See above.
Use metadata in SQL translator

Unchecked Attempt to optimize queries with table attributes.
Note: This option is required for using stored procedures.
Use this option if you want to use stored procedures with your application.
...for join-order optimization

Unchecked Utilize primary key information to optimize 1010data link order from SQL JOINs.  
Allow scalar columns in summary query

Unchecked Use to enable the use of scalar columns in queries sent to 1010data.  
...and group by them

Unchecked Allows you to use the above option as a break column.  
Sequential conjunction

Note: Do not change this setting unless expressly told to do so by 1010data support.
Allow quotes around stored procedures

Unchecked Use double quotes (") with stored procedure FROM clauses. Use quotes for stored procedures that contain parentheses SELECT * FROM "my.stored.procedure(VALUE1, VALUE2, ... )".
Ignore trailing underscore warnings

Unchecked Ignores trailing underscores in column names. Tableau produces SQL that adds trailing underscores to the column names and aliases it produces. These names are not allowed in the platform.