Using a Quick Query as a Stored Procedure

1010SQL can invoke your Quick Queries using the SQL/ODBC stored procedure syntax.

In order to enable this feature, complete the following steps:
  1. Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog by clicking the Start Menu > All Programs > 1010data > 1010odbc > Configure 32-bit/Native ODBC.
  2. Click the System DSN tab.
  3. Click the system DSN labeled:
  4. Click the Configure... button.
  5. Ensure that the Mangle Pathnames checkbox on the Connection tab is checked.
  6. Click the SQL tab
  7. Make sure the Use metadata in SQL translator checkbox is checked.
  8. Make sure the ...for join-order optimization checkbox is checked.
  9. Click the OK button.
In order for a Quick Query to be used as a stored procedure in 1010SQL, the parameters of the query must be contained within a <block> operation as follows:
<block name="main" param1="default1" param2="default2" ...>
     <willbe name="newColumn" value="{@param1}"/>
     <sel value="oldColumn>{@param2}"/>
Note that the name of the block is main. The ODBC driver requires the block be called main. The parameters contained within the block, however, can be called whatever you decide.
Here are some other notes on using Quick Queries as stored procedures: