1010data operators

The DAGs you have access to may have some or all of the following 1010data operators in their code.

These operators connect to 1010edge and perform various operations. You can look at the code of your DAG in the Code View.
Operator Description
PowerLoaderOperator Load data into 1010edge
TentenQueryOperator Perform a 1010edge query
Note: Use this operator to transform tables using materialize.
MergeTentenTablesOperator Perform a merge operation on multiple tables to combine the rows into one table
PostgresToTentenOperator Upload data from a Postgres database to 1010edge
RedshiftToTentenOperator Upload data from a Redshift database to 1010edge
MySqlToTentenOperator Upload data from a MySQL database to 1010edge
TentenEventSensor Monitors for changes in your 1010edge tables and objects