The Orchestrator Quick Start Guide provides basic information about monitoring the DAGs created for you by 1010data.

The Orchestrator is a combination of Airflow-as-a-service and a number of 1010data Operators, delivered by 1010data. Airflow is a tool for describing, executing, and monitoring workflows. 1010data provides customers with an Airflow instance. Using this Airflow instance, users can monitor a number of DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs). The DAGs interact with 1010edge, the 1010data platform that enables users to analyze trillions of rows of data. These DAGs contain 1010data operators that facilitate uploading data into 1010edge and running queries. For more information, see 1010data operators. Running these DAGs, users can pre-process, upload, and transform their data via operators.

Orchestrator users can monitor their DAGs via the Airflow interface. For more information, see Monitoring your DAGs.