Monitoring your DAGs

Airflow provides a multitude of views to monitor the scheduled running and results of your DAGs.

Airflow describes DAGs as a collection of all the tasks you want to run, organized in a way that reflects their relationships and dependencies. For more information about DAGs, refer to the Airflow documentation.

Airflow provides a number of views that you can use to monitor and analyze the results of your DAGs. You can access your DAGs via the Airflow web interface.

DAGs View
Displays a list of your available DAGs. Each DAG is displayed on its own row, which contains information about it, such as a number of quick links to other Airflow views, the schedule, and the number of successful, in progress, or failed runs.
Tree View
Displays the run history of the DAG broken down by operator. This view displays the status of each run.
Graph View
Displays the various tasks, their dependencies, and status of the current run.
Gantt Chart
Displays a single DAG's task information in a timeline, enabling users to analyze the duration and overlap of tasks.
Task Duration
Displays a line chart of the duration of the tasks in your DAG over various runs.
Task Tries
Displays the a graph of the number of times a task is tried in a run for a given number of runs.
Landing Times
Displays the total time elapsed for each task, including any retries.
Code View
Displays the code behind your DAG.
Displays the log for the DAG.
DAG details
Displays the descriptive details of the selected DAG.
Task Instance Context Menu
Displays information about the task you've selected. This menu gives you information based on the context where you've clicked on it.

For more information about the Airflow user interface, refer to the Airflow UI/Screenshots documentation.