Product Release


April 15, 2018

1010data is excited to announce the release of the Insights Platform: Version 12.

This version of our production system offers many new features and enhancements to the 1010data Insights Platform web interface and associated tools. A list of these features and improvements is provided below.


The TRS grid is now more interactive! The TRS grid offers tons of new ways to interact with your data. Using the improved right-click menu, you can now copy data directly from the grid, launch operations such as Tabulate and Compute, and take advantage of many new Quick Select and Quick Find options.

View and edit queries in TRS. The TRS now offers a Query tab where you can view and edit the queries it generates.

Copy and paste multi-select in TRS. The TRS Select panel now provides operators for pasting and selecting on multiple values in Simple Comparisons mode.

The new Find feature is now live. The Insights Platform now provides the ability to easily find rows of data with specific characteristics without performing a selection. The Find feature opens up all new possibilities for your analytical workflow.

Change column information.TRS now provides the ability to change column information during an analysis.

Resize columns in TRS. The grid in TRS now allows draggable resizing of column widths.

Amend values directly in the grid. The grid in TRS and MLW now permits changing the values of cells to perform various kinds of "what if" analysis.

Link on expression. The Link operation now accepts expressions in addition to column names when linking two tables.

Upload from Python SDK. The Python SDK now supports uploading data from a local file or file stored on a 1010data FTP server.

Data Hauler database migration tool. 1010data is proud to release its Data Hauler command-line interface! Copy entire databases from ODBC-compliant sources directly to the Insights Platform.

Enhancements to TenUp. TenUp can now use the same specification file for flat files as other 1010data load tools.

Role-based provisioning and permissioning. User roles provide the ability to rapidly provision users with standard access and resources.

Create drilldowns in the tabulation panel. The new Drilldown feature makes it easy to add drillable summaries to any analysis. Go from high-level encapsulations down to granular data simply by clicking a checkbox.