Product Release


June 27, 2019

1010data is excited to announce the release of 1010data Insights Platform Version 14.

This version of our production system offers many new features and enhancements, the highlights of which are listed below.


Scheduler. Enhancements to the Scheduler include the ability to save job results as a table or QuickApp and to send warning emails when a job is about to expire. Locating existing jobs is now easier with the ability to search by Job ID and to filter the list of results to only active jobs. Additionally, the new Debug Mode can assist in diagnosing report issues.

Visualization and Export Capabilities. The Bokeh Chart functionality has been greatly improved and extended, including updates to the chart download process, gridline, and other visual elements. Tools like the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet and custom QuickApps directly benefit from the improvements and can now generate live charts when exporting to Excel.

Parameterized Quick Queries. Numerous visual and functional improvements have been made to the Parameterized Quick Query (PQQ) functionality in the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet timeline. Additionally, when PQQs are now run, the new “view-only” mode provides a simple interface for running queries and changing parameter values.

Library Loader. The new Libraries tab in the Workspace Settings window allows you to specify libraries that need to be loaded when you log in to the web interface. This allows for the creation of user-specific custom Trillion-Row Spreadsheet features and referring to library content in Macro Language code without explicitly importing these libraries.

QuickApp Debugging. The Scope widget underwent a big renovation and is now two-way binding. It allows building QuickApps and testing the interdependence logic of variables and actions without wasting time on building user interface components.

Web Interface. The Insights Platform web interface has been updated throughout with numerous usability improvements and bug fixes.