Product Release


March 12, 2020

1010data is excited to announce the release of the 1010data Insights Platform, Version 15.

This version of our production system offers many new features and enhancements, the highlights of which are listed below.


Data Integration Tools. Version 15 offers enhanced connectivity between the 1010data Insights Platform and other tools. 1010data now offers a new Dynamic API for creating front-end applications using any language that supports HTTP transactions, such as Python and Java. The Dynamic API is powered by <dynamic> queries written in Macro Language. In addition, a new SQL engine allows for better communication with SQL databases. A button in the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet allows you to add connections to your organization's SQL databases. New ODBC and JDBC drivers for 1010data enable real-time access to data on the platform, directly from any applications that support ODBC or JDBC connectivity, the most widely supported interfaces for connecting applications with data. The SQL enhancements, along with the new ODBC/JDBC drivers, results in tight integration with Microsoft's Power BI.

User Interface. Improvements to the Insights Platform UI include the following:

  • Favorites functionality in the base panel
  • The ability to include code snippets from SQL or R into your Trillion-Row Spreadsheet analysis
  • A Miscellaneous section that is now part of the base New operation panel of TRS, rather than a separate panel. The Miscellaneous section includes operations that simplify tasks that previously needed to be performed with Macro Language, such as aggregations and date/time functions.
  • Macro Language Workshop has been enhanced to include the same features that are available in TRS, such as the ability to export to CSV, XLSX, or PDF, and support for Quick Links in the grid context menu.

Development Tools. Numerous improvements were made to 1010data development tools, including a new API for front-end development, an enhanced SQL engine, and a Tag Inspector tool, under the Gadgets menu, that aids in the debugging of QuickApps with the use of the Scope widget. In addition, 1010data provides increased support for R language with the <code language_="r"/> tag, allowing 1010data to interface with this popular statistics package from within the 1010data Macro Language. In addition, you have the option of including snippets of R code directly into TRS through the Code operation panel.

Scheduler. The scheduler has been completely redesigned, with a cleaner user interface, faster loading times, the ability to perform conditional reporting, and the ability to compress results file attachments.