Product Release


November 17, 2020

1010data is excited to announce the release of the 1010data Insights Platform, Version 16.

This version of our production system offers many new features and enhancements, the highlights of which are listed below.


Python Support. Version 16 now includes Python support in the 1010data Macro Language. Users can write Python in the Macro Language Workshop and run the queries inside the 1010data platform. The new functionality allows users to combine Macro Language and Python in the same script to get the most power out of both languages. This feature is only available in environments running on Linux operating systems.

Dynamic API. 1010data is proud to announce Dynamic API, its next-generation big-data query API. Dynamic API comes with a SQL Execution Engine, which can translate common SQL to execute on 1010data’s proprietary no-SQL database. With Dynamic API, users can integrate SQL-compliant applications with 1010data, including special support for Power BI and Tableau. Dynamic API also allows development of the next generation of custom applications to meet customer needs.

New Visualizations in QuickApps. New geographic visualizations of North America and Mexico are available to help users understand their data at the local level.

Performance Analysis Tool. The performance analysis tool allows users to diagnose how quickly their query ran and to identify areas for optimization.

Enhanced Query Parameterization. Enhancements in query parameterization allow users with legacy queries to migrate them seamlessly to the latest version of the platform. Users can run legacy parameterized queries in TRS without any modifications, or they can modify and save legacy queries in the new platform.

For a complete list of Version 16 enhancements, view the Prime Changelog.