Product Release


June 15, 2021

1010data is excited to announce the release of the 1010data Insights Platform, Version 17.

This version of our production system offers many new features and enhancements, the highlights of which are listed below.


Performance Improvements. Improvements to query execution in the database result in significant performance gains for most users. Reports run 10-28% faster in Version 17 compared to older versions of the Insights Platform.

SQL Metadata Management. Administrative users can add tables to the SQL metadata store. This allows tables to be accessed when a user interacts with the Insights Platform using a SQL tool such as Tableau or Power BI. The tool can be accessed in the platform user interface under Admin > SQL Metadata Tool.

Platform User Interface. Multiple changes have been made to increase the utility of the platform user interface. Object Manager searches now return results where the criteria is met in short and long descriptions. The code panel now has a Python language option. Exports to Microsoft Excel can now include the query test in the workbook. The Advanced Uploader has been deprecated as all needed features are available in the Table Uploader.

Parquet File Loading. The PowerLoader API now supports loading Parquet files into the 1010data platform. Users of The Orchestrator or the API can utilize this feature.

Dynamic API Enhancements. The Dynamic API is enhanced with multiple features to support 1010data’s next-generation application development. There is now an /api/ops endpoint that shows the xml of a stored query or live quickapp. Error handling is also greatly improved with more detailed error messages in most cases.

For a complete list of Version 17 enhancements, view the Beta Changelog.