Product Release


May 17, 2022

1010data is excited to announce the release of the 1010data Insights Platform, Version 18.

This version of our production system offers many new features and enhancements, the highlights of which are listed below.


Charting Improvements. The visualization tab of the Trillion Row Spreadsheet now includes 6 new chart types: scatter-line plot, horizontal bar chart, stacked bar chart, horizontal stacked bar chart, percent bar chart, and horizontal percent bar chart. New formatting options have been added to customize all visualizations. These options can be accessed by clicking the More Options icon. Python users can also create matplotlib charts in the Macro Language Workshop through the new <widget class_="graphics> function.

Asynchronous Query Interface. The Asynchronous Query Interface (AQI) enables users to issue parallel queries within the same session. AQI users simply start a session as normal and 1010data’s platform silently handles queuing and distributing queries across multiple head nodes. The parallel processing available through the AQI allows faster performance for applications that need to run multiple queries simultaneously.

Magic Table Support. Magic tables allow 1010data functions to be utilized in SQL tools as though they were columns of a table. With magic tables, power users can create blocks of macro code that utilize 1010data’s unique features. Users of SQL tools can then interact with the functions in the magic table through their preferred SQL tool, such as Power BI, to easily view them in their reports.

Object Manager Search. Users can more easily discover their objects by choosing to search any combination of object name, title, short description, or long description. Users can change their search preferences through Session > Workspace Settings > Object Manager. Additionally, a message now appears if the user’s search returns too many results.

SQL Extension. The SQL execution engine has received many optimizations to increase performance. The new function COMPUTE() can be used to wrap a computation in 1010data expression language as a SQL expression. Users can now join the compatible columns DOUBLE and INTEGER, DATE and DATETIME and DATE and TEXT. Table-valued functions may also now be written directly in SQL. For a full list of new SQL features, reference the Beta Changelog.

Localization Options. New default values can be set for the display behavior of numeric, date, and date+time values for US, UK, and EU standards. The todayofwk() function now supports the option 'Monday' to begin the week on Monday.

For a complete list of Version 18 enhancements, view the Beta Changelog.