Inevitably, the first time you sit down in front of any new computing tool, the question arises: "Now what do I do?" Well, if that's how you felt the first time you looked at the 1010data Insights Platform Trillion-Row Spreadsheet interface, you've come to the right place. After all, you're dealing with data. A lot of data. And you can see all of it. Most people have never had that experience. Count yourself lucky. With this Trillion-Row Spreadsheet Getting Started Guide, you'll learn all the basics that will help you understand how the Insights Platform works and why it's different from other database solutions.

This guide is a collection of tutorials that will help you quickly come up to speed with the core functionality of the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet. As such, the Getting Started Guide is not comprehensive. For additional information not covered in this guide, refer to the 1010data Insights Platform User's Guide available from the 1010data Documentation Center.