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The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet is a browser-based interface that allows you to visually interact with your data. Explore the Trillion-Row Spreadsheet to learn how to use some of the most common user interface elements.
Selecting rows is one of the most basic tasks in the 1010data Insights Platform. Use row selection to isolate data that is important to your analysis and create more efficient queries.
A computed column is one of the most useful analytical tools in the 1010data Insights Platform. Use a computed column to add a column of information to a worksheet typically using the information from one or more existing columns.
A tabulation groups rows of data together based on the values in one or more columns and performs calculations on data in each of those groups. The summarization results are provided in a small, easy-to-read table.
Linking provides a simple yet powerful way of combining the data from two tables. Use linking to join tables or worksheets into a single, bigger table with columns from both.
A cross tabulation allows you to summarize the values in a column based on the values in two or more other columns and display the result as a matrix.
The 1010data Insights Platform provides a way for you to generate high-quality charts from your data.