Connect to 1010data from Tableau

Once you have configured Tableau and the 1010data ODBC driver, you can connect to 1010data from Tableau and start analyzing data and creating visualizations.

To connect to 1010data from Tableau:

  1. Open Tableau.
    Note: The instructions and screen shots in this guide correspond to Tableau Desktop 9.0 on Windows. Earlier versions of Tableau Desktop may have a different appearance and workflow. Although there are versions of Tableau Desktop for Mac, they cannot connect directly to 1010data via ODBC.
    Tableau displays the start page.

  2. In the Connect pane, under To a server, click Other Databases (ODBC).

    If Other Databases (ODBC) does not appear in the To a server list, click More Servers and select Other Databases (ODBC) from the full list.

    The Server Connection dialog appears.

  3. Under Connect Using, click the DSN drop-down arrow and select the 1010data ODBC driver you want to use.

    Note: This example uses the data source that was created in Configure the 1010data ODBC driver (i.e., TableauOn1010data).
  4. Click Connect.

    A Processing Request dialog appears while Tableau connects to the selected data driver and database.

    When the processing is complete, the fields under Connection Attributes are populated with the information from the selected data source.

  5. Click OK.
    The Tableau Data Source page appears.

Once you are connected to 1010data from Tableau, you can begin to specify 1010data queries and create visualizations from the results of those queries. See Using Tableau: An Example for a step-by-step tutorial that uses some of 1010data's publicly available data sets so that you can follow along and get started using Tableau with 1010data.