Tableau is a data visualization and exploration tool that turns the raw data stored in 1010data tables into graphical information you can view on your computer. Setting up 1010data and Tableau to work together only takes a few steps.

This guide covers all the information necessary to configure Tableau and 1010data's ODBC driver to work together. It also contains an example that shows you how to specify a 1010data query in Tableau, create a basic visualization from that query, and parameterize one of the variables in the query to extend the functionality of the visualization.

While primarily intended to aid report developers, this guide also has helpful information for end-users who want to know more about working with 1010data within Tableau.

Note: The instructions and screen shots in this guide correspond to Tableau Desktop 9.0 on Windows. Earlier versions of Tableau Desktop may have a different appearance and workflow. Although there are versions of Tableau Desktop for Mac, they cannot connect directly to 1010data via ODBC.