20230811 (2.1.0)   - Added a new %ten_config option --sub-variables, which
                     can be used to substitute simple python variables into
                     your query cell.
                   - Added a new %ten_save_query cell magic command, and
                     several related options to specify metadata as well
                     as run the query being saved.
                   - Added line magic commands for GUI2 built-in quickapps:
                     ten_user_manager, ten_group_manager, ten_role_manager,
                     ten_filter_manager, ten_company_manager,
                     ten_user_profile, ten_advanced_settings,
20230331 (2.0.0)   - Official marketing release, rebranded as iris.
                     Load using the following command:
                       %load_ext iris
                     Check version using the following command:
20230303 (1.2.0)   - Added %ten_quickapp to render 1010data QuickApps.
                   - Added new options --iframe-height and --iframe-width,
                     which can be used with %ten_quickapp and all
                     grid-rendering commands (%ten_dir, %ten_query, %ten_sql,
                     %ten_py_stream, %ten_r_stream) for more precise control
                     over the size of the iframe containing a QuickApp/grid.
                   - Added %ten_set_ses so that you can use your active
                     py1010.Session object instead of logging in again.
                     Makes it easier to work with TenFrames that are already
                     logged in (access session via TenFrame.session).
20230223 (1.1.0)   - Added %ten_config for configuring global options.
                     Options can be --xmllog (with/without --session-name),
                     --timing-output=[True|False] (replaces
                     ten_enable_timing_output and ten_disable_output), and
                     --resizable-grid=[True|False] which can be used to resize
                     the width of your grid widget according to your browser
20230127 (1.0.0)   - Initial release (experimental)