Installing iris#

iris is distributed with the Data Science Toolkit.

The Data Science Toolkit consists of three Python libraries for interacting with 1010data:

  • py1010, the 1010data Python SDK

  • TenFrame, a pandas-like interface to 1010data

  • iris, a Jupyter Notebook extension


iris requires Python 3.6 or above, the 1010data Python SDK (py1010), and IPython version 6 or greater.

The Data Science Toolkit install script installs py1010 for you. However, if you want to install the py1010 library separately, see Installing py1010 in the 1010data Python SDK User's Guide.

iris also requires prime-18.51 or greater of the Insights Platform.

Pandas and TenFrame are optional, but recommended.


We recommend that you use the Data Science Toolkit installer to install py1010, TenFrame, and iris.

To install the Data Science Toolkit, use the install script:

$ python3

The tools work best together, but you can install iris individually using pip.

You can download the iris library from The iris .whl file iris-X.Y.Z-py3-none-any.whl is in the iris subdirectory of the downloaded py1010 files.

To install iris individually, use the following command:

pip install iris-X.Y.Z-py3-none-any.whl

You can test the installation by running IPython and loading iris:

In [1]: %load_ext iris
In [2]: %ten_help

If the installation was successful, the iris help displays.