Many people use Excel to analyze and visualize their data. This section describes how to solve the same problems and create the same visualizations using 1010data.

There are two main parts of this section, how to perform similar calculations and how to obtain similar visualizations. You can perform similar analyses in 1010data using both the GUI and the Macro Language. Some analogue solutions shown in this section will have both a GUI solution and a Macro Language solution, while others might only have a Macro Language solution. Additionally, some analogues might have multiple solutions that show how to solve the problem in different ways, keep in mind that the first solution listed is often the most efficient solution and therefore is preferred.

Visualizing your data in 1010data can be done in many different ways. Most simply, you can use the chart builder in the GUI to build multiple different types of charts. Additionally, you can build QuickApps to visualize different aspects of your data and allow end users to have control over what they see.

1010data allows you to analyze large amounts of data with more efficiency and faster speeds.