The 1010data Macro Language is the most powerful and direct way to interact with 1010data's platform.

The Macro Language consists of three different sets of operations. At the lowest level are the 1010data core operations. These operations are responsible for transforming data for analytical purposes. Another level higher, are the <block> operations, which provide programmatic functionality such as conditionals and loops. Finally, the <dynamic> and <loop> operations provide the user with the ability to build applications on top of data and give data consumers the ability to guide their analyses.

When developing queries, specific problems can arise that are not easily solved by consulting the 1010data Reference Manual or 1010data User's Guide. This Cookbook was created as a compilation of problems and solutions intended to assist 1010data users with issues that may arise when developing queries. Each recipe contains tips and best practices to solve a variety of problems including combining data sets, aggregating data, manipulating strings, cleansing data, creating QuickApps and executing analyses.

Although this book includes a variety of recipes to aid in the development of queries, it is not all inclusive. It will continue to grow and change to accommodate new solutions and new features of the system. If you have an objective that you would like to see included in this Cookbook or you have found a way to solve a specific problem, please email the code to In addition, contact with any other questions or suggestions.

Who is this book for?

This Cookbook is made for users of varying experience levels. Whether you are an expert or you are just starting out, 1010data's Cookbook can assist you with problems you might come across while using our online software. Each problem should help you to better understand the functions and operations applied, as well give a discussion to how they operate. However keep in mind that some coding experience is needed in order to understand the concepts in this book.

What is this book not for?

This book is not a complete guide to all operations, functions and expressions used in 1010data's software and will not touch on everything needed to execute queries. For a more detailed guide please see our 1010data Reference Manual or 1010data User's Guide.