Introduction to the Asynchronous Query Interface (AQI)

The Asynchronous Query Interface (AQI) is a new feature in the Dynamic API that allows the user's main accum to dispatch entire queries to worker accums to be processed asynchronously.

Traditionally, an individual 1010data query could be broken up and run in parallel across multiple sub-accums. However, with the new AQI, you now have the ability to run multiple independent queries simultaneously on worker accums (which may also employ their own traditional sub-accums).

With QuickApps, a single RENDER or INTERACT request can result in multiple queries. Without AQI, these requests are all run in sequence on the accum, and the results are then bundled in a single HTTP response. The HTTP response contains the HTML and JavaScript needed to update all the affected widgets at once.

When you use Dynamic API to query a QuickApp, you can only request a single widget at a time. By default, when you query a QuickApp with the Dynamic API, the response is a table of widget statuses, which the Dynamic API client can use to decide which widgets it should fetch.

A client can issue HTTP requests for multiple widgets simultaneously. Each request gets its own CGI process on the backend. Either the accum responds immediately with the requested data, or it enables the AQI to dispatch the query to the worker accums. The client does not need any information about whether AQI is enabled.