Built-in API endpoints

The following endpoints are available in the Dynamic API.


Endpoints in the Dynamic API are simply <dynamic/> queries (QuickApps) written in Macro Language Workshop and reachable by URL. You can call methods in the Dynamic API using the following general format. For more details and specific code examples, refer to the documentation for each endpoint.

The following are the endpoints included in the Dynamic API:

In each endpoint screen, you can view the results of your query as HTML, text, or JSON by clicking the links in the top right corner. HTML is the default format for the user interface. However, you will most likely use JSON in an external application so that you can parse the data structure.



Note: Trailing or redundant / characters anywhere in the URL will be ignored, and possibly rewritten, by the API. For example, /api is equivalent to /api/.




The response to API endpoints can be displayed as HTML, text, or JSON. In your Dynamic API application you would append :html, :text, or :json to the URL. See each API endpoint topic for specific examples.