Using the R language in TRS

The Trillion-Row Spreadsheet (TRS) timeline makes it easy to insert R code into your analysis.

With the Code operation in the TRS timeline, the Insights Platform now supports adding a snippet of R language code into your analysis. If you use the Code operation to add R language code, it is not necessary to add the CDATA syntax. Simply write your R code in the Code panel.
Note: Your account must be specifically enabled to make use of the R language, or you will get an error message when you attempt to submit the operation.

To use the TRS timeline to insert R code:

  1. In the TRS, click the operation in the timeline where you want the R code to follow.
  2. Click the Insert operation () icon.
    The TRS inserts the New operation panel after the currently selected operation in the timeline.

  3. In the New Operation panel of the TRS timeline, click Code.
    The Code panel appears in the TRS timeline.

  4. Select R from the Language drop-down list.
    The following sample R code appears:

  5. Edit the R code and click the Submit operation () icon.