Pool management commands

The following commands help you manage your SAM pool. All of these commands can be issued by the SAM pool group owner or the admin of the owner's company.

You may want to periodically request your IDs to start new sessions due to memory overconsumption or to request IDs to update its view of the database if a table or set of tables have been updated.

The following request will terminate all sessions once they have been released back into the pool. It will not terminate any allocated or marked as busy sessions.

You may want to force your IDs to start new sessions, such as when you want all IDs to show the latest available table and permission updates, or if receiving errors like System busy, please try again, even though IDs are not in use by the client application. A system busy error can occur if the client application ends unexpectedly before sending a reluid command. In this event, submit a resetpool command. This will interrupt and terminate any active processing in the pool.
samstatus checks the status of IDs in a pool: whether they are logged in, marked as free (available for a new process), busy (allocated to a process), or marked (instructed to logout upon the next time the ID is released and free). This helps you assess the health and utilization of a pool, and aid in determining whether issuing resetpool would help to restore normal usage.
Note: samstatus is a newer feature and may not yet be available for all sessions.