Troubleshooting SAM pools

This section describes the most common errors with SAM pools and how to troubleshoot them.

System busy, please try again error
This error indicates all IDs in the pool are allocated to a process, and none are available to assign to a new process. This may occur when the local client-process connection is interrupted or terminated, or when the pool is smaller than the number of desired active simultaneous connections.
If possible, check on the client-application side how many active processes exist. To check on the status of the IDs in the SAM pool, issue a samstatus command, using the following format:
If some IDs are marked as not logged in and not free, it is possible a logout was issued for the ID without releasing it (via a reluid command). If a logout is issued without a reluid, the ID will remain reserved for 15 minutes before being released. If the ID is needed before the 15 minute timeout, issue a reluid to release the ID immediately, using the following format:

If the samstatus command reveals all IDs are busy (free="0"), but processing seems to have stalled, issue a resetpool command to terminate active sessions and reset the pool to its initial state, using the following format:

Note: If the pool is undersized, this error will likely occur again, even after resetting the pool. Contact for assistance.

If the application is issuing getuid, login, query, and reluid in rapid succession, try adding a wait state after a getuid failure to allow time for recently released user IDs to become available again in the pool.

Data tables have updated but are not showing updated data.
Under normal usage, issue a flushpool command to flush the SAM pool and instruct sessions to terminate. If you are using an application that is not releasing IDs, the flushpool command will have no effect. In this case, issue a resetpool command and consider rewriting the application to release IDs more often.
Error releasing uid
If you encounter this error, the user ID may not be marked free and returned to the pool. The user ID will not be available until its idle time passes and the session times out. If you receive this error and System busy errors, issue a resetpool command as shown above.