Difficulty criteria

Each recipe is equipped with a difficulty measure based on the criteria discussed in this section. A recipe holding a specific difficulty rating can contain one more of the elements in the description of that level or a lower level.

Level 1

  • Uses mainly basic core operations
  • May use additional functions where the inputs are direct values and/or column names
Level 2

  • Uses string manipulations
  • Passes values from one function to another
Level 3

  • Uses block code with programmatic operations, such as <for>, <foreach>, and <if>... etc.
  • Uses basic QuickApp operations such as various layouts and basic widgets
Level 4

  • Uses a <loop> operation
  • Uses multiple nested operations
  • QuickApp that:
    • Introduces basic widget interaction
    • Creates charts or tables
Level 5

  • Uses modeling and analysis based g_functions
  • Uses nested <loop> operations
  • QuickApp that:
    • Passes variables between widgets
    • Uses nest widgets
    • Uses <do> statements that set variables for later use