What is in a recipe?

Each recipe in this Cookbook, with the exception of the Debugging Guide, contains the same basic elements. This page describes the contents of each section contained in a recipe and the elements that make a Debugging Recipe different.

General recipes

The following sections may be present in each recipe:


This section contains a difficulty gauge ranging from 1 to 5. See Difficulty criteria for the characteristics used to rate each recipe.


This section describes the task the user is trying to accomplish and any problems that arise while attempting to complete it. It might also describe relevant examples in order to help better understand the issue.


This section provides the Macro Language that accomplishes the task set forth in the objective.

Alternate Solution

Sometimes there are multiple ways to complete the same task. If there is an alternate way to solve the problem described in the objective, the code will be provided here. However, it should be noted that the preferred method is given in the main solution.


This section describes the methodology behind the solution, and the alternate solution if there is one present. It also discuses the usefulness of the topic and possible areas where it might be applied.

Common Errors

This section includes errors that a user might receive when developing and executing the query given in the solution. However, it is not a complete list of all possible errors. For each error listed, you will see the direct message received from the system, why you are receiving this error and how you can correct it.

Further reading

Due to the fact that this Cookbook is not a complete guide to all functions and operation available for use in 1010data's platform, this section includes links to the Reference Manual for further discussion on the main components of the recipe.

Debugging recipes

Different from a general recipe, a recipe within the Debugging Guide describes ways to locate the origin of your error and ways to resolve it. Each of these recipes also contain an objective with a general description of the problem and a specific use case. The solution then contains multiple code blocks to show the process of resolving the error. Similarly to a general recipe, the discussion describes the steps taken in the solution and gives insight into the reasoning behind decisions.