Determining days between entries

Using a combination of days and g_rshift, you can determine how many days have elapsed between the previous occurrence of a particular value and the current entry.



You want to determine how many days have passed from the last occurrence of a particular value to the current entry. For example, you might want to know how long it has been since the adjusted closing price of a stock was over a certain amount or how many days have passed since a customer last visited a particular store.


<base table="pub.doc.retail.altseg.sales_detail_transid"/>
<sel value="customer='2768ac88'"/>
<tabu label="Visit Dates" breaks="customer,store,trans_date">
  <tcol source="trans_date" fun="first" name="visit_date" label="Date of Visit"/>
<colord hide="date"/>
<willbe name="store103" value="store=103" label="Visited Store 103"/>
<willbe name="days_since" label="Days Since`Last Visit" 


This recipe determines the number of days between a customers most recent two visits.

In order to use the appropriate G argument later in the query, you need to perform a tabulation because the table is segmented by transaction ID and not by customer. You can use fun="first" to obtain the first instance of every date.

A reference column named store103 to identify the rows in which the customer visited store 103. The function g_rshift(G;S;O;X;N) finds the previous occurrence within that group of rows in relation to the current row, and the days(X;Y) function determines the number of days between them.

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