The 1010data Java SDK enables developers to create applications that connect their applications to the 1010data Insights Platform for processing and retrieval of big data.

This guide contains the information you need to start developing a new application if this is your first time working with the SDK. The Java SDK enables the development of both single-threaded and multithreaded applications, working with either single-user Insights Platform sessions or SAM pools.

The following sections may be particularly helpful:
  • Getting started contains the information you need to start using the Java SDK. It also includes instructions on how to try out the examples provided with the library files.
  • Basic usage walks you through a basic workflow to create a single-threaded, single-user application.
  • Shared Access Management (SAM) explains SAM pool logins and multithreaded applications.

For developers who are more familiar with our SDKs and developing on the Insights Platform, there is also reference material and lots of examples to answer your questions.

If you need information about a specific class or function, refer to the 1010data Java SDK Reference.