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The 1010data Python SDK enables developers to create applications that connect their applications to the 1010data Insights Platform for processing and retrieval of big data.
Before you start writing your first application that connects to the 1010data Insights Platform, you need to install Python and download the Python SDK files.
Creating a new application with the 1010data Python SDK includes importing the library, establishing a session, submitting a query, receiving results, and cleaning up the session.
The 1010data Python SDK enables you to upload tables to the 1010data Insights Platform using the load API.
The Python SDK contains the py1010.TentenException class.
The 1010data Python SDK enables you to convert a small result set into a pandas DataFrame.
A SAM pool enables a single set of credentials to be shared between client side threads to leverage multiple threads of parallelism on the 1010data Insights Platform.
There are several recommended best practices when using the 1010data Python SDK.
The 1010data Python SDK Reference material contains the details about its classes and methods.
You can try to troubleshoot issues with the Python SDK. If you cannot resolve the issue, file a support request.