Troubleshooting and support#

You can try to troubleshoot issues with the Python SDK. If you cannot resolve the issue, submit a support request.

Enter a proxy URL if your organization requires one

If you receive the error message Transport error 7: Couldn't connect to server, it means that your web browser is configured to use your corporate proxy, but the rest of your operating system is not. To resolve this issue, you will need to contact your IT staff to obtain your proxy’s URL or IP address, what port it listens on, and if the proxy requires a username and password. You will then enter this information in the beginning of your gateway string, as described in the Connecting via proxy section.

Submit a support request#

If you are using the 1010data SDKs, 1010data offers full support. Send a support request to 1010data using the 1010data Support Portal.

Using the 1010data Support Portal, and including information such as the log file generated by the Java SDK or the source code containing the problems, enables 1010data Support to respond more effectively to your request.

To access the 1010data Support Portal, do one of the following:

Log in to the 1010data Support Portal directly at

From the workspace menu in the 1010data Insights Platform, click Help > Support > Launch Support Portal.

  1. Click Create New Ticket.

    The Submit a ticket screen appears:

  2. Complete the following fields:


    This field lists the email address associated with your Insights Platform account. You can change the default email address.


    Enter the subject of your support request.

    Priority (optional)

    Select the priority of your support request.


    Enter a detailed explanation of the question, problem, or request.

    To expedite the support process, include any:

    • Runtime error messages

    • Stack traces

    • Core dumps

    • Exceptions

  3. Click +Attach a file and include a log file.

    You must submit a log file with your support request. This SDK includes a feature to turn on logging. Use .enableLog(filename="log.log", mode="a"), which is a method on the Session object, to turn on logging and reproduce the issue with logs. Include these logs in your support request. You use .disableLog to turn logging off.

    testSession.enableLog(filename="log.log", mode="a")

    The mode parameter determines if the newly logged information is appended to the log.

  4. Include any additional information, including source code, in the Description field or as an attachment. Creating or isolating standalone source code is not always feasible; however, sending in source code greatly expedites the support process. Wherever possible, send reproducible source code that can be run and tested.

  5. Click Submit.

The 1010data support team will contact you to help you resolve your problem.