Connecting via proxy

If your application is connecting to the Insights Platform via a proxy server, your gateway string needs to be modified to include the proxy server's address (MYCORPORATEPROXYADDRESS)

Depending on your proxy server's configuration, you may also need to include:
  • user name (PROXY_USERNAME)
  • password (PROXY_PASSWORD)
  • port (PORT)
The proxy server's information is added to the beginning of the gateway string between square brackets ([]).

If you're unsure of whether or not you need to specify a proxy server, or you need your proxy server credentials, contact your corporate technology support team or IT department.

Note: This example does not use square brackets ([]) to denote variables.


Some proxy servers will require a full set of credentials, for example:

A proxy server may only require a user name, for example:


A proxy server may not require any credentials or a port number, for example: