Support requests

If you are using the 1010data SDKs, 1010data offers full support.

Including information such as the log file generated by the Java SDK or the source code containing the problems enables 1010data Support to respond more effectively to your request.

Include a log file

You must submit a log file with your support request. This SDK includes a feature to turn on logging. Use the Session constructor that includes the logfile parameter. Specify the File object and reproduce the issue with logs. Include these logs in your support request.
Session s = new Session(gateway, user, pwd, LoginType.POSSESS, logfile);

The logfile specifies the path of where to write the log file.

Include additional information

To expedite the support process, include any:
  • Runtime error messages
  • Stack traces
  • Core dumps
  • Exceptions

Include source code

Creating or isolating standalone source code is not always feasible, however sending in source code greatly expedites the support process. Wherever possible, send reproducible source code that can be run and tested.