This guide contains the information you need to start developing with the Python language in the 1010data Insights Platform.

By adding Python support in the 1010data Macro Language, Python can now be run within the same processes running the query in the Insights Platform. The Insights Platform hands control to Python to compute data, and once the Python code is finished, it hands control back to the Insights Platform. This minimizes data transfer latency, especially when the Insights Platform processes large amounts of data. Also, since the Python code is specified within the Insights Platform query, you don't need to worry about separate code libraries. Therefore, you can make use of a specific functionality found only in Python, and incorporate it directly into your query workflow.

With Python integration into the Insights Platform, you can spend less time with interfacing technology and more time solving meaningful business problems.

Note: In order to use Python within the 1010data Macro Language, you must be using the 1010data Insights Platform V16 and above, and your instance of the 1010data Insights Platform must exist in the cloud.