Troubleshooting and support

The following are common issues when connecting 1010data to Tableau. You may be able to troubleshoot them without needing to contact 1010data support.

You installed an updated version of the 1010data Tableau Connector. You open a saved Tableau workbook (TWB) file and get the following error message:

The latest 1010data Tableau Connector eliminated the reference to the year. You can edit the Tableau workbook (TWB) files associated with previous connectors, and then open the workbooks in Tableau as usual.

To update Tableau workbooks, do the following:
  • Open the Tableau workbook (TWB) file in any text editor. The TWB file is an XML document.
  • In the text editor, find the words CData Tableau Connector for 1010data 2021.

  • Change the text to CData Tableau Connector for 1010data.

  • Repeat for each instance of CData Tableau Connector for 1010data 2021 (or Replace All).
  • Save the TWB file.

When you open the file in Tableau, you should be prompted for your user ID and password, as usual.

If you need further assistance, you can submit a support request. See Contact support.