Using Tableau with the 1010data connector

The 1010data Tableau Connector integrates seamlessly into Tableau, offering full support for live data connections to 1010data tables and Quick Queries.

1010data and Tableau use a different underlying database. Therefore, in order for Tableau to connect to 1010data tables and Quick Queries, you must first create a SQL schema and add tables and Quick Queries to the schema. To do this, you can use the self-service SQL Metadata Tool in the 1010data Insights Platform or contact your 1010data account manager.

To add tables to your SQL schema, follow the directions in Add a table to a schema. You can also add custom 1010data Quick Queries to your SQL schema and connect to them just as you would a 1010data table. Quick Queries allow you to refine your data before connecting to it through Tableau. To connect to Quick Queries from Tableau, follow the directions in Connect to 1010data Quick Queries.

If you are more familiar with writing custom SQL queries to refine your data, you also have the option of writing a SQL query within Tableau. See Connect to SQL queries.

Visualizing data with the connector works the same as it does with other Tableau data sources. As a result, you can easily model 1010data Insights Platform data using Tableau's full visualization toolset.